Aaron Eccles
Co-Founder, Producer and Production Manager

Aaron graduated from Queens University Belfast with a degree in Computer Science.

His course taught him how to break a large problem into a series of small steps leading towards a solution. He lead several small teams of developers and thoroughly embraced the managerial aspect of the role.

He was able to develop his project management skills which have suited him well for his role as Producer and Project Manager at Drawn In Pen Productions.

His role involves meeting with clients, analysing their requirements and designing a solution, overseeing production, whilst ensuring the project is delivered under or on budget and within the required time-frame.


Micheal O’Hara
Co-Founder, Director and Filmmaker

Micheal is in his final year of Film Production at Southampton Solent University.

His course has introduced him to a wide range of equipment and different styles of film-making and allowed him to develop all of the necessary skills required for independent film-making.

He has often utilised these skills as a Director/Filmmaker at Drawn In Pen Productions. His roles involve directing, cinematography, writing, camera operating and editing.

He and Aaron work closely with the client to come up with creative ideas and solutions and ensure that the quality of the footage and final product is of a high quality and meets their expectations.


I miss my #beard. and my @regretcity. And his beard. And our crazy @drawninpenproductions #filmmaking #adventures.

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Our first set (and office)


Do you even apocalypse? #filmmaking #set #knockknock #lastmanonearth

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Our 1st professional lights


#drawninpenproductions is moving up in the world. #Filmmaking #film #drawninpen

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Our second office


#drawninpenproductions #new #office . One day we’ll have a space not in a #parents #house. …Maybe.

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Shooting Gain Forth 3

#Filming the #intro #video for our #new #fitnesschannel @gain_forth #instashot #nocrop #fitness #film #ni #belfast

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Our 3rd paid music video