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Cinemagic Belfast Film Festival 2017

We are delighted to announce that we’ve been hired again to shoot this year’s ‘Cinemagic Belfast Film Festival’ video!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the festival, it’s basically a month packed full of events related to film and film-making.

Check out the link for more information: http://www.cinemagic.org.uk

Here are some stills and photos from the events so far:

Odyssey Cinemas

A shot of David Bowes during his Q&A before the showing of ‘The Selfish Giant’

Adam Clarke during ‘The Magical World of Minecraft’

Cinemagic Film Festival – Cinefocus Film Jury

Cinemagic Booklet
Cinemagic Booklet
Sean Boyle - Cinemagic Project & Fundraising Co-ordinator
Sean Boyle – Cinemagic Project & Fundraising Co-ordinator
Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors





Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors


Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors


Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors

Over The Hill Album Fundraiser

Over The Hill Album Fundraiser
Over The Hill Album Fundraiser

Drawn In Pen Productions had a great evening filming the ‘Over The Hill Album Fundraiser‘ on Thursday (18th of August).

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/619895888184952/

Over The Hill Music Collective
Supporting, inspiring and promoting older musicians.

The HardChargers, Manouche, Scream Blue Murmur, & Rab Wishart.

Since 2012 the collective has been providing a platform for older people interested in trying out or getting back into music. The monthly event offers welcoming, open and encouraging performance opportunities, plus mentoring and regular talks from music industry professionals.

In 2013 Over The Hill released a collection of songs by people at varying stages in their musical endeavors. The album featured the likes of Mandy Bingham, Simon Murphy, and Rab Wishart.

The collective now plan to record a follow up with a new batch of artists, and hope to raise enough funds to cover recording and production costs. Over The Hill will also be inviting submissions from acts interested in having their music featured on the album.

The project is already under way with a recent award from Lidl Community Works, which is supporting some of their music programmes that positively engage with people with dementia.

Film Frequency Productions – ‘The Way Station’


‘The Way Station’ is a psychological drama written & directed by Corey McKinney and starring Cailum Carragher, Robynne Catherine & ‘Drawn In Pen Productions’ very own Aaron Ecklays.

‘The Way Station takes us on a voyage through the mind of Joel Durant, looking at a man trying to come to terms with his headspace as he searches for the woman he loves, Eva Jameson. Facing torment from his inner demons, Joel must contemplate actions made in the past, understand decisions made in the present and consider choices made in the future if he is to achieve mental salvation.’

The short film had it premiere yesterday in the Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast as part of the 2016 Film Studies Graduation Show.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheWayStationShortFilm/

Film Frequency: https://www.facebook.com/FilmFrequency/


Women’s Work Festival (with the Oh Yeah! Centre, Belfast)

Some photos from Day 1 of the

Women’s Work Festival ‘A Night With Annie Nightingale’

(In Conversation With Phil Taggart followed by DJ sets by Annie Nightingale and guest DJs Marion Hawkes, Venus Roller Girl and Sage):

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