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Cinemagic Film Festival – Cinefocus Film Jury

Cinemagic Booklet
Cinemagic Booklet
Sean Boyle - Cinemagic Project & Fundraising Co-ordinator
Sean Boyle – Cinemagic Project & Fundraising Co-ordinator
Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors





Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors


Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors


Cinefocus Jurors
Cinefocus Jurors

Grievance (2016)

A short film our very own Aaron Ecklays was cast in (this time as a lawyer) has been released:

‘Grievance’ is a character drama with the focus on how lust for revenge destroys a young man’s life.

Cast and Crew:
Michael Turner – Writer, Director
Gavin Stevenson – Producer, 1st Assistant Director
Robert Duggan – Director of Photography, Editor
Conor McCormick – Sound, Lighting
Keelan Campbell – Camera

Michael Turner as Michael
Robert Duggan as Michael’s Brother
Sean MacAuley as Ryan
Michael Ryan as Jaime
Aaron Ecklays as Michael’s Lawyer

Produced by Tiny Little Robot Productions.

Film Frequency Productions – ‘The Way Station’


‘The Way Station’ is a psychological drama written & directed by Corey McKinney and starring Cailum Carragher, Robynne Catherine & ‘Drawn In Pen Productions’ very own Aaron Ecklays.

‘The Way Station takes us on a voyage through the mind of Joel Durant, looking at a man trying to come to terms with his headspace as he searches for the woman he loves, Eva Jameson. Facing torment from his inner demons, Joel must contemplate actions made in the past, understand decisions made in the present and consider choices made in the future if he is to achieve mental salvation.’

The short film had it premiere yesterday in the Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast as part of the 2016 Film Studies Graduation Show.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheWayStationShortFilm/

Film Frequency: https://www.facebook.com/FilmFrequency/


‘Dream Come True’ – Horror – Short Film

A short horror film released for Halloween.

Written, directed, shot and edited by Micheal O’Hara.

Original score by Dermot Brennan.

Starring Aaron Ecklays and Claire Carswell.

Website: http://www.drawninpen.com/

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Created by Drawn In Pen Productions.

‘Trapped’ – short documentary about transgender life in Northern Ireland

Check out our short documentary about a transgender living in Northern Ireland and the struggles they face.

Re-enacted to protect the identity of the contributor.

The Cruelest Joke – Episode 2: ‘Who’s There?’

Before watching this episode, please view The Cruelest Joke: Episode 1 – ‘Knock Knock’:

This is the second episode of the new short film series: ‘The Cruelest Joke’.

An original 6-part episodical by Drawn In Pen Productions, the first episode is based on the short story ‘Knock’ by Fredric Brown: “The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.”

The episode was conceived and directed by Micheal O’Hara. The next five in the series were written by Aaron Ecklays and Micheal O’Hara.

This episode follows our lead on a journey through the forest as he searches for answers (and unopened cans), in order to reveal who (or what) is behind the knocks.

The next episode ‘Boo’ is set for release on the 8th of July, with each further episode being released fortnightly.

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Created by Drawn In Pen Productions.